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Support the Glacier Symphony
Passing the baton to YOU

To insure the well-being and safety of all those who participate in our concerts, from you, our guests, to our guest artists, volunteers, and orchestra and chorale musicians, the Glacier Symphony, Orchestra and Chorale has made the difficult decision to postpone our Summer 2020 concerts to Summer 2021.  Holding rehearsals and providing the excellent concert experience we are known for will be problematic with current guidelines.  Large group assemblies will be part of Phase 3 and it is unclear when that will happen.  The postponement of our summer concerts is a revenue loss of more than $50,000.

So, we are now passing the baton to you for leadership and we need your participation.  Please consider donating at least the amount below that you would have spent on attending our summer concert season. You can make your donation through this link https://glaciersymphony.org/donate/.
Car Pass                          $50
Open Air Table             $400
Table Under Tent         $500
Orchestra Single          $45 
Chamber Single            $30 
8 Concert Platinum    $300
5 Concert Gold             $225
3 Concert Silver            $135
Wolfgang Member      $175

Stay tuned for information on our 38th season.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and keeping the music alive in Northwest Montana!

John Zoltek                                                                                        
Music Director/Conductor                                                 

Ron Osterbauer
Director of Operations and Development 

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