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Abbe Heemeier

Abbe Heemeier


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Dear Abbe,  

On behalf of the Glacier Symphony we want to thank you for your recent attendance at our concert.  The Symphony is currently performing in our 37th season.  Your support allows our orchestra and chorale to provide symphonic music to residents of the Flathead Valley.

Ticket revenues support approximately 23% of the operating revenue required to produce a season.  Donations from individuals, corporations and foundations provide the balance of the funds needed for operations.  If you would like to donate to support the Glacier Symphony, please click here: Support the Glacier Symphony

The Symphony also provides to our neighbors in need by providing free concert tickets to other nonprofits in the valley serving those in need.  And, all area youth can attend any concert free as part of our Youth Music Experience program.

Thanks again for attending the concert and supporting the Glacier Symphony.  To view our upcoming concerts and venues, click this link:  Upcoming Glacier Symphony Concerts


Ron Osterbauer                                                                                
Director of Development and Operations       

John  Zoltek
Music Director/Conductor

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